Let’s explore together to contribute towards a future of healthy knowledge and peace!

Triune Accords is an independent documentary and short film production company. We are focused on showcasing inspiring human stories and the wonders of nature. We showcase the rich cultural heritage & traditions across various ethnic groups which carry remnants of historical shreds with evidence that allow us to travel back in time. Our expressions, emotions and creations are purely humane, without malice or prejudice. Our titles are untiringly researched and well decorated with engaging narratives, providing universal appeal for an open-minded, discerning audience.

Triune Accords is the result of the unison of outstanding and passionate professionals who love to explore the depth of their creative instincts and widen their professional horizon. For them, the world continues to amaze and provide unlimited inspiration to dig deeper and explore beyond the oblivion.

Triune Accords is the story of old friends with no contact for 18 years due to individual responsibilities in America, India and Europe. Mr. B. Lenin, an award winning film director, editor and mentor; Mr. Herbbie Sidhu, a wandering explorer, random photographer, producer; and Dr. Linu Thankachan, a Creative IT Media-man, coincidentally bump into each other to realize that their passion for knowledge-sharing and good filmmaking is absolutely intact.

Thus “Triune Accords” is born. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

We are open to collaborating and exploring possibilities with other zealous film makers from all over the planet. We intend treading forward together with constructive community members who believe in contributing positively to build and create a world of harmony and to make a difference through thought-provoking films.


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