Herbbie Sidhu is the Co-founder and Initiator of ‘Triune Accords’. Along with Lenin  the talented and passionate film maker, Herbbie is keen on exploring educative and impactful subjects by producing short films and documentaries.

Herbbie started his career as a freelancer into Journalism, TV production, story writing and poetry. His inner inclination akin to gypsies and monks has earned him several aliases and he does not mind being addressed as a “wanderer” after feeling the soil and tasting waters of nearly 50 countries. He loves to boast about himself as being a Global Villager.

His passion for films made him dabble with the co-production and global promotion of the Biggest Spiritual fantasy movie of the current times called “Guru” an acclaimed 1997 Malayalam Film. Besides coordinating with the technicians in Hollywood and Hungarian Musicians for “Guru”, Herbbie accompanied the film for screening at Berlinale 1999 and Indian National Panorama in 1999. “Guru” was the official Indian entry under the “Oscar for the Foreign language category” during 1998 academy awards.

Equipped with a certification program on Film Appreciation, he is currently producing short-films to help first time film makers.

He is a team binder who remains calm even during a storm.

Expeditious by nature, yet, there is nothing uncanny about his passion and vision towards the quality of the world for the generations to follow.