Tamil Short Film

Selvanathan Muthazhagan


In an isolated hut, there lived a old couple in a serene garden at the southern corner of Tamilnadu. Their daily duty is selling the filtered gold dust from a river bank at he end of the village. As usual one day they were going past a red sand road, the husband gets injured on his leg by a sea shell, he was bleeding profusely . He takes out the shell and applies sand as medicine. One of their routine while going to river bank is taking rest in a Sivan temple, they don’t have any complaints with the lord. When they return home that night, the husband gets severe fever due to the injury.

His wife takes good care of him. The next day morning the husband can’t get up due to his illness, so the wife being reluctant to stay idle, prepares him food and leaves for river bank without disturbing him. The husband wakes up late and started to worry and wait for her as she had never went alone anywhere. The whole day the wife picks dry sticks, catch fishes and return home, dead tired.

The next morning she also falls ill. The husband leaves for his daily duty leaving her at home considering her illness. When he reaches the riverbank he see some auspicious things are floating, at last he gets a gold dollar. Taking his bounty he returns home only to find his beloved wife dead. He utters his wife’s name thanngamma with utmost grief and keeps the dollar on his wife’s dead body and he also dies.